Getting the Most out of the Wenger Practice Modules

2 thoughts on “Getting the Most out of the Wenger Practice Modules”

  1. This is fantastic! One of the thinks we’ve talked abouta lot in the tuba/euphonium studio is to utilize all the resources available to you, and with these Wenger Virtual Accoustic rooms, we have a great resource!

    I use the record/playback option very frequently during lessons, but I never knew how to transfer the files. Here are some ways my students and I have used the system:

    • To learn to play a high passage accurately, record it down one octave, repeating it 5 or 10 times with a metronome playing. On playback, having counted yourself in on the recorded version, play along with the low octave version.

    • To determine if and how you are rushing or dragging, record your performance normally, then conduct along with the recording on playback

    • To assess how accurate your mouthpiece buzzing is, listen to a recording using headphones and your iPod while buzzing. Record the result and playback to see how accurate your buzzing is.

    • To memorize a passage, record it ten times in a row (using a metronome and counting yourself in) and playback multiple times. Using Dr. Allen’s method, you could save the result and transfer it to Garageband or audacity and create a much longer loop.

  2. One way we have used the Wenger module is to play and record the background/orchestral part for an excerpt; for example, playing the bass line to Ravel’s Bolero – |C-G-G(8vb)|C-G-GG|C – and then playing the solo on top of it. This accomplishes many things: first, you get more comfortable with entering on a flat seventh scale degree; second, you function as your own metronome; third, you get more comfortable with the pedal aspect of the piece – when the harmony of the solo changes, but the bass line does not.

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